Full-Time or Part-Time Staff with Epic Movement

If you’re ready to take the plunge into long-term ministry, join us full-time! Each of our Epic full-time staff believes in the value and dignity with which God has created each culture and individual. We are passionate about sharing the hope of His good news in ways that honor people and contexts.

Whether you join the pioneering and building efforts on campus teams from New York to Texas to California, or the national leadership of Epic Movement, becoming full-time staff is an investment.  It is a commitment beyond just one year, to serve the mission for its long-term success and fruitfulness. Full-time staff is joining the Epic community, in a way that allows you to be developed in your leadership, share the gospel, get involved in people’s lives, and to pass on what you have learned!

Right now, we are praying for someone with your time, your skills and your vision to join us. There are many teams to join within Epic, from our field locations in NY across to CA, or perhaps using some of your unique skills to serve on one of our national teams which support all that God is doing locally on the college campus.

Full-Time Staff Details:

  1. Commitment Length: 2-3 years (minimum, after initial support raising period); if accepted there is a mandatory New Staff Training that runs approx. 6 weeks at different times during the year.
  2. Applications must be completed and submitted with all the references completed by the following dates in order to be cleared to attend the following New Staff Training (NST) conferences.
    1. Winter NST: October 15th
    2. Spring NST: February 1st
    3. Summer NST: April 1st (March 15th for International Assignments)
    4. Fall NST: May 15th
  3. Cost: Varies by location, however, it will all be raised financial support with coaching. (Epic Movement is committed to helping prepare you as best as possible for a year-long missions trip overseas. Thus, you will be raising a team of financial and prayer partners to get you there. Epic Movement will provide a coach and training for this.)
  4. Location of Staff: Preferences are taken into account, but the final decision is left up to the People & Culture team
  5. Questions regarding process, contact Jen Berk
  6. Questions regarding status: Check Cru application section first and if the question is still unanswered, contact Jen Berk
  7. Additional information about joining staff with Epic Movement/Cru: Cru Careers

Part-Time Staff Details:

  1. Commitment Length: 1 school year (minimum)
  2. Completed application and references by March 1st for positions that start in the fall.
  3. Training: You will be required to attend mandatory training in the spring.
  4. Cost: (See Full-Time Staff Details)
  5. Location of Staff (See Full-Time Staff Details)
  6. Questions regarding process: (See Full-Time Staff Details)
  7. Questions regarding status: (See Full-Time Staff Details)
  8. Additional information about joining staff with Epic Movement/Cru: (See Full-Time Staff Details)

Process for Applying for both Full-Time & Part-Time Staff:

  1. We always suggest first talking with your staff or local volunteers. They can help inform you more about the process and will walk with you the entire way. Also, fill out an Interest Survey.
  2. Once you have identified the position you are applying to within Epic Movement, start an application online HERE. (Our online application is very robust and will take you a couple of hours or several sessions to complete. You will be able to log in and start, save your work and come back later to finish if needed.)
  3. Once you’ve begun your application, a Cru or Epic Movement applicant liaison will connect with you and assist you in confirming the ministry and position you are applying for. They will also help determine the sequence of training you will need to complete if accepted.
  4. One of our staff will connect with you to arrange a phone interview to go over your application.
  5. After the phone interview, a decision will be made regarding your application.