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Six Postures of Ethnic Minority Culture Toward Majority Culture

Adrian and Jennifer Pei have served with Epic since 2007. Jennifer graduated from Amherst College, and Adrian has degrees from Stanford and Fuller Seminary. You can find them on their website at adrianpei.com, and Adrian on Twitter at @adrianpei. Kristy is Latina and has served with Destino since 2008. She graduated from Texas A&M, blogs […]

Five Majority Culture Postures Towards Ethnic Minority Ministry

In this article, Epic Leadership Development team member Brian Virtue (along with two colleagues from Destino and Impact Movements) writes about five “postures,” or heart attitudes, that majority culture individuals often assume towards ethnic minority ministry. This resource provides clarity and wisdom on topics that are infrequently discussed, and will inspire you to reconsider your […]

Asian American History and Faith

Professor Daniel Lee, Fuller Theological Seminary, gives a seminar at an Epic Conference on Asian American History and Faith.

Racial Fatigue

By Vinnie Casanova It was as if a giant boulder had been lifted off my shoulders. I felt seen. I felt understood. There was a word for it and, sitting in a conference about systemic racism, Jemar Tisby (speaker and author of The Color of Compromise) had just defined it for the audience. Racial fatigue. […]

My Ethnical Dilemma

In this honest testimony, Jason shares about his own pain dealing with racism, the pressure “to be white” instead of embracing his cultural identity, and his hopes for his bicultural daughter as she grows up in the world. Consider using this powerful story as a starting point for a team, small group, or large group […]

Beginning to Engage Justice as an Asian American

By Whitney Tu Watching, reading, and listening to stories as a child, characters were almost always simplified into “good guys” and “bad guys.” Patriarchal language aside, this seems like an easy way of looking at the world and making decisions. It’s so much more satisfying and definitive to hear a story where good triumphs against […]