Vision of Holistic Multiplying Discipleship

By Tom Virtue   Download Before meeting: If possible, give these instructions before you meet. If that’s not possible, read through the short passages together. Read 2 Corinthians 5:17-21 and 2 Timothy 2:1-7. Reflect for 10-15 minutes and journal using these prompts: What phrases and ideas were significant to you or impacted you as you […]

Valuing Your Story and Culture

Introduction By Whitney Tu, edited for this format by TJ Poon and Kristin Waters Download I had always felt life first as a story:and if there is a story there is astory-teller. – G.K. Chesterton Read together: One of Epic’s Nine Elements of Leadership Reproduction is Story. When you hear the word “story,” you might […]

Lifelong Discipleship: Loving and Following Christ for Life

By Tom Virtue Download Objectives To Know: The connection between God’s work in salvation with His on-going work in our lives in discipleship To Feel: Gratitude for the guarantee and promise God’s work in our lives being based on His character of finishing whatever He starts, not our faithfulness To Do: Determine the next step […]

Following Jesus While Honoring Our Parents

By Tiffany Dinh   Download Introduction As we grow in what it means to follow Christ and be part of raising up and building multiplying disciples, the giving of our whole selves to Jesus often needs to  involve learning how to navigate the cultural realities of parent/child/family dynamics and exploring how to honor God and honor […]

Exploring Your Identity

Ask: When you are describing yourself to someone, what are the things that tend to come to your mind first? By Regina Pei-Chan, edited for this format by TJ Poon   Download Introduction Identity asks the questions, “Who am I? What makes me, me?” There are numerous grids out there for understanding one’s identity and […]

Exploring the Growth Model II: Developmental Tasks

If the growth environment is the soil in which we grow up, we can think of four stages (or “tasks”) that put language to the stages of growth in our lives. Rather than being completely linear, these are interrelated and happen cyclically as well. The four developmental tasks as described by Dr. Cloud are: Bonding, […]

Exploring the Growth Model I: Environment of Growth

Growth Environment By TJ Poon   Download Discuss:  Have you ever thought about how we grow as people, or heard others talk about it? Share what you have heard prior to this lesson. An environment of growth is defined as an environment that holds both grace and truth over a length of time.  “And Jesus […]

Evangelism in Epic

Ask the person you’re meeting with to read the following article in advance: Epic Values, Desires, and Expectations in Evangelism. If that doesn’t work, simply give them 10-15 minutes to read it while you’re with them.  By Tom Virtue   Download Outcomes To Know: The desires of Epic for each person who is involved to become […]

Embracing Your Emotional Self

By TJ Poon   Download Discuss How were emotions (especially “negative” ones like sadness or anger) handled in your home? How does that influence what you feel or do when you experience negative emotions today? For example, have you noticed that you classify some emotions as “good” and some as “bad” and try to avoid […]

Discerning God’s Calling

Introduction By Jonathan Lê, with an excerpt by Jonathan Gibo   Download If someone were to tell you that they have an urgent message from your parent or significant other, how would you know if it were genuine? It’s hard to imagine this scenario in the age of digital communication, but we do get messages […]