What is race, why does it matter and what does the gospel of Jesus Christ have to say about it?

Epic Movement and the Asian American Center at Fuller Theological Seminary have partnered to create Beyond Model Minority Faith, a Bible study curriculum on race and Christian faith. This study is aimed at helping students draw the lines between the gospel and racial justice. It moves in both directions: showing Christian students how to understand race in light of the gospel and helping students passionate about social justice discover the gospel of Jesus Christ.
The sample module below includes Leader and Participant Guides for three sessions. This material is a work-in-progress, and we are hoping to receive and incorporate your feedback. Please email aac@fuller.edu with any questions or feedback.


Session 1

What Is Asia America and Where Does It Come From?

Session 1 - Leaders's Guide

Session 1 - Participant's Guide

Session 2

Remembering Our Migration Stories

Session 2 - Leader's Guide

Session 2 - Partcipant's Guide

Session 3

A Fish in Water. Navigating Our World: Asian American Identity

Session 3 - Leader's Guide

Session 3 - Participant's Guide