Taking Initiative and Influencing Others

This post is a part of a series by Epic’s Field Ministry team, describing what it means to be Epic (a.k.a. to embody the Epic Movement DNA).

Taking Initiative and Influencing Others

If you’ve been around Epic very long at all we hope that you’ve picked up that what we are motivated to see people who are transformed by Jesus Christ taking the initiative to have conversations with others about how Jesus can transform their lives. That’s our vision!

In fact, in the long run we’re asking God that every graduating student and every volunteer who is influenced by Epic would have experience and a level of confidence so that they are able to initiate conversations about their faith in the context of their lives with their families, friends, neighborhoods, and workplaces. It’s not about something to be involved for just the years in college. We want to see people be lifetime leaders in taking the message of Christ to their world and also influencing others to do the same.

What does it take to be someone who takes that initiative and influences others? Think about yourself in your own world. What does it take for you to initiate?

  • It takes an connection with Jesus that doesn’t allow a mess up stop you from coming back.
  • It takes a value of relationship to see every person as valuable in God’s eyes.
  • It takes servant leadership (love) to be willing to serve others by loving them in deed, and loving them in words by taking the story to them that will empower their life like never before.
  • It takes courage to not just get lost in our small worlds and see the worlds of people around us and how much they need to hope.
  • What else?

Think about your world and where God has put you. What do you need to become (God starts with us where we are!) someone who initiates and influences others to initiate with the gospel? That’s how movements are started and catalyzed – when someone steps out!

Let’s take some steps that we need to take to move in that direction. We’re in this together. We’ll pray for you if you let us know how we can pray.

Tom Virtue, Epic Movement Field Ministry Team






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