More Stories of Changed Lives in Southeast Asia

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It was an amazing summer in Southeast Asia! As a team we had 927 spiritual conversations, 298 gospel presentations (personal, group, and media), and 35 people placed their trust in Jesus for the first time! The wonderful partnership we have with the local Christians in country means that each of those new Christians and those spiritually interested will be followed up with well. As I (Emily) reflect on those numbers I am overwhelmed with how the Spirit is moving in Southeast Asia. Here are a few stories of changed lives this summer.

One of the very first days in country I met a girl named Christina who was very excited to come to our English club. We held our English Club twice a week and it was a place where students could come practice English by studying the Bible. I decided to meet with Christina one-on-one and prayed God would open the door for me to share the story of Jesus with her. As the Lord had it she was very enthusiastic to hear more and I shared the gospel with her. I asked Christina if she wanted to surrender her life to Christ and without hesitation she said, “Yes! How can I do this?” We prayed together as she joyfully welcomed Christ into her heart. The next week at English club she brought her friend who wanted to know more about Jesus. After this Christina was able to share Jesus with her and she believes but is hesitant because her family is Buddhist. Please pray for Christina’s friend and family as well as Christina’s family whom she wants to also share with.

Philip was another student in my English club discussion group. He is hands down the happiest person I have ever met. He was so excited to make friends, learn English, and learn about God that he wanted to meet up to learn more. The first thing Vu said was, “Emily, can you please teach me how to pray to God?” I was stunned and went on to shared the story of Jesus. At the end I showed him a picture of two lives. One picture represented a life without Christ, the other a life with Christ. Before I even asked the question he pointed to the picture of the life with Christ and said, “I want this to be my life.” Philip was born again and I immediately saw fruit from his life as he shared Christ with his friend and invited him to English club. Philip is currently on school break and back in his hometown. He has since shared with his brother about Jesus who responded by saying, “I want to be a child of God!” The two of them nervously approached their Buddhist mother to tell her of their conversion. Instead of scolding them and not allowing their new faith God softened and her heart and she is open to their new found faith.

Our team has so many stories like these. The Spirit is moving in this country and it is has been amazing to be a part of it these past two summers. Thank you for your countless prayers and financial support. Lives were changed this summer and we believe in faith that more lives will continue to be changed because of it.

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Emily Smith, SEA’14 Staff