Feeding the Campus

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This year Saddleback Church has shown interest in partnering with the Epic Movement. It’s definitely exciting to see this develop as Saddleback has many church plants located in California as well as abroad in countries like Hong Kong. We are blessed to have this opportunity to partner with them and we recently had our first event with them at the University of California, Irvine (UCI).

In March, they came on campus and gave over 300 hot dogs and drinks away. (It’s amazing how food can really gather students.) N1ch BB (one of our team leaders above in the red shirt) got into many spiritual conversations just over free hot dogs. There were over 80 that expressed interest in Epic and 22 of those contacts said they would like to be in a Bible study.

Again, Saddleback Church came back this quarter to campus and passed out even more hot dogs! We are thankful for them and their heart to help us reach students at UCI.

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hotdog feed authorTr1c1a BB, Epic Mom and Field Staff at UCI