Epic Legacy Summit

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“You are not your own, for you were bought with a price.”

1 Cor 6:19b-20a (ESV)


These words hit hard in the hearts of students that attended the Epic Legacy Summit. Being challenged to live a life for Christ in a world that screams at them to live for themselves, these students felt the greater call of God for their future. Here are the stories from three of my graduating seniors (left to right) Kalia, Mai Lee, and Bao.

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“I have been afraid to think of God leading me to intern because I know my family won’t approve. I need to be obedient to my heavenly Father, even if my earthly family does not understand.” – Kalia (University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point)

“I have felt God calling me to STINT (a 1-2 year Short Term INTernational mission), but I just keep thinking of how hard it will be to support raise in the Hmong community. I need to trust God with my future.” –Mai Lee (University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point)

“I have never considered doing anything like summer project or STINT with Epic before this weekend. I had planned on going back to my family in Milwaukee after graduation for so long that I never stopped to ask if that’s where God was leading me. I need to surrender my plans to Him and follow Him.” –Bao (University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point)


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Tanya Thomack, staff in Upper Midwest