Big Break Reflections — Life of Serving and Obedience

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“So, let me get this straight– you’ve been to this same conference and outreach (Big Breakall throughout college, you know the programs inside out, and you still are willing push yourself to support raise for the same cause again…why?!” I could hear my conscious mocking me on the inside as I sat in front of my computer filling out my application for my fifth year. “Don’t you want a break? There aren’t even any of your old friends coming this year.” At that moment I stopped typing and paused. What exactly was my motive for going for the last time on my super senior year? Money is hard to come by these days, time is even more so with graduation coming up soon, so why am I so eager go to this trip? Wasn’t 4 years of serving enough?

It was then at that moment God gently spoke to me and realigned my heart.

“You can’t possibly put a price on a soul, especially when its very salvation is on the line. And not just one soul, but thousands of lost souls; souls that need to hear and know my son desperately. You my child, you know and have experienced the peace and hope that only I can give; peace that surpasses all understanding; hope that goes beyond any earthly hope! Only I can truly satisfy these to their heart’s content, these who know too much of drunkenness and hopelessness, then why would you want to keep this good news of hope to yourself? My heart yearns for my sheep who have strayed away, my sheep who have not even heard my name yet. When have I not provided for you? Ask in my name and you’ll receive. Is it not a privilege in itself to share and witness Christ’s love with believers and non-believers for yet another year? Know and understand that I am very proud of you and there is so much more I have yet to show you. This isn’t the end. Go, then, go and tell them about me.”

Praise be to God that he has called us a life of serving and obedience, that we can learn of our true identity in him and experience his love for us.

My pride and self-love runs deep, and time and time again I will lose focus, but Christ redeems, Christ restores, and Christ sanctifies.

elbert authorElbert Cheong, George Mason University