Summer Learning

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“Project Starts when Project Ends.”

Project has been a very interesting, eye-opening, and heart-revealing experience for me. I have learned so much about myself, who God is to me, and what it means to be a part of true community. The Lord has really convicted me of some things in my life, and it is a constant struggle to fight against my fleshly desires, especially back at my usual environment at home and on campus.

Campus outreach was a large part of our project’s ministry. Reaching out to the students and faculty of San Francisco State University became a real joy for me; I think I looked forward to getting to share on most of the days! Obviously there were days I was not excited about it, but I think the Lord still blessed us in our conversations. Before project, and before beginning college this past year, I never really understood outreach or particularly enjoyed it. I always felt like it was not for me. But I am constantly reminded that outreach is a command, not an option; Jesus imperatively tells us to go and make disciples of all nations in the Great Commission, and that is something I am still learning, especially as I serve on my campus. It is going be even harder as my focus will be on different things, rather than a defined goal. And I believe there is more responsibility now that the Lord has opened my eyes to the things He has showed me on project.

Coming off of project, I have now been equipped in one way or another to help serve on my campus  through ministry and as a student. It is an exciting prospect, as I am now given the opportunity to put into action what I have learned; it is the real test, and the next mission field. I am sad that I have to put my summer behind me now and move back to my old friends and the new faces on campus. But I know this is what God wants me to do in this season of my life, and it will only be by His strength that I will be able to balance keeping in touch with my project friends while also being involved in Texas Epic.





Ethan Ngai, University of Texas, Austin