Reflections from Fall Retreat (LA and Texas)


la fall retreat

During October, students attended Fall Retreats in their respective areas. Fall Retreat was a time of fellowship and connection for the students. In addition, they were able to take a break from their busy lives and spend time with the Lord through messages, prayer, and personal devotional times.

Here are some of the students’ experiences from Fall Retreat:

Los Angeles Fall Retreat

I was able to connect deeply with my fellow brothers and sisters, not just from my community and school, but with those surrounding the Southern California area. It is very encouraging to see how God has, is, and will work meticulously through our lives and the lives of our brethren.

-Einer Rivera, Cal State Los Angeles


I was moved by Wilson’s sermons that pinpointed certain aspects of my life that God wanted me to focus on. It would have never come to my attention to actually open up to others and become transparent with my peers since I am usually very closed off, but he helped move me to do so. God teaches in so many ways, and its amazing to hear that He is always so forgiving to my sins, and deepest darkest secrets. This would be the main takeaway from retreat that I will always remember.

– Phoebe Wong, University of Southern California

Phoebe Wong solo picture

God has personally spoken to me about how we can be a closer community and a greater missionary for His kingdom. He has not only shown me the strength and dignity of being a believer, but also the love and the compassion from others. I also enjoyed Wilson Wang’s sermon about the Trinity. His message was such a great encouragement to us all, and gave us insight about what we should do as a community of believers.

-Joanna Gutierrez, Cal State Los Angeles

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Texas Fall Retreat

texas fall retreat

Fall Retreat inspired me to live out my faith and be rooted in love and the gospel. It made me really question myself and my faith, which is what I wanted. I was unsure of where I was in my faith before I came to retreat. It was a good retreat full of reminders and revival.                                                                                                                  – Texas Student

I enjoyed it a lot. I learned two things that the Holy Spirit taught me about being at retreat and with that community. First,  faith grows bonds beyond human understanding. I instantly connected with people that I had not seen in a long time. Second, the Holy Spirit taught me that prayer in numbers is powerful.  During the last day and a half, I especially witnessed more of the power of prayer.

-Texas Student

It is clear from the students’ responses that God met with them in different ways. Although Fall Retreat has passed, our desire is that they will continue to meet with the Lord and other brothers and sisters.