Faith and Passion

 sea team

I was searching for a faith that was unlike the American faith, one that was less polished and more raw.

While overseas, I definitely learned a lot (a lot about myself), my passions and desires, and more about what evangelism and the Gospel is in a broader, more global context.

When my team first arrived in Southeast Asia, we embarked on a tour of the city, which was moderately difficult due to a new climate and a 16 hour flight. We made our first contact with the local believers and easily established relationships with them. On the first night, we attended an underground church service and I found what I originally was searching for. Originally, I was searching for a faith that was unlike the American faith, one that was less polished and more raw.  I saw local believers belting out songs in both their local language and in English. I saw tears falling down faces, people on their knees, and arms lifted high. I quickly found out that Jesus indeed was their everything. Even though I was going there to serve them and the lost in Southeast Asia, I was being served by them as well. I experienced a type of faith that I had never seen before in America, and that blew all of my expectations out of the water.

As for campus ministry, my team had four campuses in total. On the first day, we split up into groups to evangelize on campus. Unfortunately, one of the groups was asked to leave the campus because the security guards saw them flyering and looking suspicious. However, on the opposite side of the spectrum, the security guard told us to go in and talk to as many local students as we possibly could. We were able to invite many people to our clubs that we were holding with the local believers, as well as share the Gospel with the security guard himself!

From this project, I discovered that I had few passions that did not include evangelism or the Gospel. I loved evangelism, and loved sharing Jesus with those that did not know him. Because of my newly discovered passions, I want to intern with Epic and eventually join staff.




Jasper Hung, University of Texas, Dallas