Evident Results


SFSP 13-blaneGod’s Handiwork… 5 years later!

As someone who’s very result-driven, one of the most frustrating things for me about ministry is that I don’t often know what happens after the conversations I have with strangers I meet on campus. Occasionally, like this summer, God gives me a small glimpse of the impact my work can have.

In 2008, as a junior in college, I went on a summer missions trip to Hawaii. While we were there, our team met a local guy named Chase. Two years later, at our summer missions briefing I ran into Chase! I was heading back to Hawaii (this time as staff), and he was on his way to the Epic San Francisco Summer Project. He explained, “Well you guys gave up your summer to come to my home to tell people about Jesus, so that made me want to go on a summer project!”

Fast forward another 3 years—I discover that Chase is now THE man at his school’s Epic, the one that all the men respect and look up to. He actively tells others about Jesus and mentors younger men in their faith. In January, he had the privilege of leading a guy named Blane into a personal relationship with Christ…and Blane turned out to be one of my students on the San Francisco Project this summer!! 

Isn’t it incredible?!

The work God began 5 years ago in Hawaii continues today through Chase’s life and now Blane’s as he learned to share the good news of Christ’s rescuing love to people in San Francisco!

jess lui-sfspJessica Lui, Epic Staff, NY Metro