Big Break Stories

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Panama City Beach, FL draws college students from all over the country during their respective spring breaks to party hard, meet other people, and relax from the school year.  Cru holds the Big Break conference (450 conferees in attendance) in an effort share the life of Christ with these college students on the beaches and boardwalks of Panama City. Here are some stories from Big Break:


sharinge50a08“After an encouraging conversation with four women from Kentucky, we spotted an Asian guy sitting alone. Monica and I jumped at this opportunity. Patrick was from Hong Kong studying in New York. We asked him several questions like, “What are you life passions? Is there anything that you feel dissatisfied with in life at this time? What experiences have you had with Christians? In your opinion, what does God think about you?” Patrick was very open and honest about his thoughts. From our conversation, he is currently searching for spiritual truth and reading books on how to be happy. Towards the end of our time, Patrick asked, “Why do Christians have so much joy?” Monica and I answered him by sharing the Gospel. Patrick didn’t receive Christ that afternoon, but prayerfully, he moved closer to Christ.” – Ti Le, Austin, Texas Staff


Screen Shot 2013-05-06 at 12.50.43 PM“Mei, a student at City College, was especially excited because she never thought that her friend Lily would decide to follow Jesus. She saw Lily through different stages of her spiritual journey—believing “There’s nothing out there,” then “Maybe there is a God,” to “There is a God, but how he’s not out to get me?” But finally on Tuesday night of Big Break, Lily decided that God was indeed trustworthy and gave her life to Him. For the rest of the trip, she was visibly different—radiating joy, talking more, and laughing more.” – Jessica Lui, NYC Staff


“One of the students who has been involved in the NYC Epic Movement for a year attended Big Break. During the time, she placed her faith in Christ and His work on the cross.  The rest of the NYC students have been praying for her and were naturally pumped up!” – Jon Chan, NYC Staff


big_break_2013“A big highlight was hearing about Kan, a Mason student who was buddhist, came out to Epic for 2 years and recently accepted Christ – the first night of Big Break! Matt Mikalatos, one of the main speakers, opened up an invitation after his talk to a small group discussion about the Gospel. Kan went, spoke with Matt and decided to follow Jesus there!” – Mary  Perocho, George Mason Staff