A Bite of Grace and Truth

sfsp 2013

I learned an important concept from project known as the Grace Sandwich (Grace+ Truth+Grace). It pretty much says to speak the truth to a brother or sister and cushion it with grace.

I would have to say that I give more grace than truth.

In fact, it’s a little difficult for me to speak truth to people. In the same way, it is hard for me to receive truth from people because I almost always immediately take it to heart and get emotional.  I do not see it as a way to benefit me, but rather as a way of emphasizing my flaws.

This past summer in SF, I received so much truth from my teammates. Like I said above, it is hard for me to hear things like and become emotional. However, how I took it to heart and how I processed it differed—-all due to God’s cushion of grace.  With each moment where I realized things about myself that I did not see, I grew a little more. As I think back at those times, I can truly see God’s love for me by Him speaking through my brothers and sisters. It reminds me of a passage in the Bible that says what Father who loves his son does not discipline him? I think in the same way, God was doing that with me. Because He loved me that much, He was going to tell me truth that hurt. However, He was doing that to refine, sharpen and mold me  to be more like Christ. All I can do is be grateful. My Heavenly Father’s love was poured out on me during those truth-revealing moments. As painful as it was to hear them, I would not have had it any other way.

Walking away from Project, I have learned to be more aware of those around me and of their hearts. I have come to learn how to take a step back and examine my heart in whatever I do and ask if it is aligned with God’s heart.  Do I desire what God desires? On top of that, I have learned to value other peoples’ hearts and genuinely care for them. Rather than just asking “how are you feeling?”, hearing their response and just going with it, take a moment to ask them how they are truly feeling. For all I know, they might just want someone to talk to or have a friend listen to them. Why do I take that extra step? It is because I love them and want to share with them their joys and burdens. Love them with the love of Christ. I pray that rather than having to consciously think about doing that, it will become a natural habit for me as I continue to grow and walk through life.


Grace Wan, University of Arizona