"Keep It Simple" (calling all resource ideas!)

As we start the calendar and school year of 2012, we’re excited for the chance to mobilize and share more resources on this website!  Our heart is to serve Epic staff and students everywhere, to be more fruitful in their mission.  If you have any feedback on the site, please contact us!

But most of all, we ask you to send in anything you’ve seen, read, or heard from Epic staff or students that might be a potential resource.  As you think of that, remember to “keep it simple.”  It doesn’t have to be long, fancy, or polished… it could be a simple short blog post, Facebook note that you stumbled upon by an Epic student, or some testimony shared during a retreat or campus meeting.  You send in the idea and source, and it’s OUR job to help you publish it!

So be thinking about it this year, as you serve… and don’t forget that we are a ministry of leaders, and we all have something to offer!

— Adrian