"Epic Conference…was life-changing for me…"

“Epic Conference 2012, as cliche as it sounds, was ‘life-changing’ for me. Up until the conference, I had been going through the motions of being a Christian, never truly understanding who Jesus was and what He died for. Something that stuck with me was the idea that there were three types of people when it came to knowing God: furious, curious, and serious. I had always thought that I was satisfied being curious, but the conference made me realize, that by staying curious of who Jesus was, I was refusing to take that leap of faith and fully put myself in God’s hands. The conference, through: fellowship, prayer, and sharing, showed me how to take that leap of faith, and trust in the Lord, and seriously accept the gift of Jesus Christ.

Looking back on it now, the conference helped me re-examine my life. It made me see that God had been beside me from the very beginning, back to my very birth, saving me through adoption, and making this beautiful life and family I have now. It also opened my eyes to the fact that this amazing family I had been given, did not know Jesus as I had come to. I was heartbroken by my family’s defiance of the Lord, yet empowered that through me, Jesus would be able to reach them with His love and truth. It also showed me that I was not alone in this struggle. There were fellow brothers and sisters out there who also wanted their families to know Jesus Christ. Through the conference, I found community for the first time.

Since then, I have been blessed to attend the same church as other conference attendees (QTEC ^_^) and have some how, through the good grace of God, grown to find myself in a leadership position in Epic at QC. I can honestly, say, I never would have known this was what lied in store for me, but Jesus’ mighty plan for me has proven to be amazing and blessed and I am truly thankful. I know now, that my life is to glorify God, and that all I do, it is in His name.”

-Alanna, 2nd Year, Queens College, NY
(on the left in the picture above)