Welcome to the new Epic Resource Website (beta)!


Whether you’re a staff or student with Epic Movement, or a friend or visitor, we’re glad you stopped by.  As you can see, this website is a work in progress.  We are continuing to tweak things every week, as we figure out technology issues and work towards putting up the features that will be most helpful for everyone. For instance, we are working to put a “print/pdf” button on each post, so you can easily use some of the text and discussion questions from the site.  We are also working on making it so you can download the audio resources, updating some social media buttons, fixing the picture slider on the home page, and some other minor things.  We know there’s a lot to still do, so we appreciate your patience and prayers!

We also have a ton of resources that we are still working to get on this site.  This is by no means a finished or exhaustive list, but will continue to fill out with more resources in the coming weeks and months.

What’s a resource?

On some resource sites, there are a multitude of links to documents, flyers, and other “stuff,” without much context or vision.  You may notice that we’re trying to do things differently.  Here are some elements we consider to be important in a “resource”:

  • First, there is a context for the resource, usually in a brief explanation for what it is, and what it was created for (purpose and values).  Clearly, the resource must pertain to the mission (i.e. no recipes for your favorite BBQ recipe or random thoughts on why there should be an NBA season).
  • Second, there are often discussion questions.  These are so that you might have something to generate dialogue about the resource, in whatever context you might be.

So, as you send in resources for the site, we’ll be asking you to think about these elements in relation to what you’re creating.

So what to do, now that you’re here?

Well, of course these resources are here for you to browse and consider how you can use in your various contexts.  But as you can see, many of these are created by you, whether from a blog post or Facebook note you wrote, or talk or seminar you gave.  In other words, the source of these resources is YOU!  So as you do ministry this year, be intentional and proactive about thinking about what you create and use, and what you might send in to us to post here.  We will help talk you through the rest, and help with any editing and formatting that needs to happen.  When you give a talk or seminar, RECORD it through audio and/or video!  When you see something awesome that a fellow staff or student has written or said, speak up for him or her and tell us!

Part of the vision of the Epic community is that we are all leaders, and that expects more from each of us, not less.  If we’re only hearing from a few leaders all the time, our vision and community will not benefit from the diversity and depth of all our stories, contexts, and lessons.  But if we are a self-resourcing movement that shares creative ideas for mission… that’s an exciting picture of what Epic can be.

On the right sidebar on most pages, you will see the button to “Submit a Resource or Idea.”  We look forward to hearing from you!

Oh… and look forward to more new posts, resources, and blog entries regularly over the course of the year.

Until then,

Adrian, Cathy (editors), Aaron (formatting), Rocky, Brian Barela (web and technology), and many others