Unexamined Leadership

These are two excerpts from an Epic leadership training session, where Epic Field Ministry staff Brent & Leila Wong share about the dangers of an unexamined leadership.

Part 1: Virtues, Confession, and Shame

Discussion Questions:

  1. In what ways have you been taught that Christianity is about “being good?”  What are some virtues that might tempt you to trust in yourself, as opposed to God?
  2. Leila shares that she has felt shame in her walk with God.  Can you relate, and if so, how can shame actually bring you closer to people and to God?

Part 2: Emotions as Red Flags, the Heart of a Leader


Discussion Questions:

  1. What is your picture of an “ideal” leader?  Do you feel you need to have everything together as a leader?
  2. When you feel emotions, do you tend to want to move on, or do you pause to discern what they might reveal inside your heart?  What are some examples of feelings you’ve had even in the last day or week, that you can share with others?