Our Heritage And Story

This resource is part of a series of main session talks from Margaret Yu, Epic National Leadership Development Director, which describe the complexity of the Asian American experience, and the importance of understanding our cultural heritage. Margaret describes in part 1 her experience as one of the first Asian American leaders in a primarily Caucasian ministry.  In part 2, she describes the importance of understanding ourselves through the historical heritage of Martin Luther King Jr. and Japanese believers who survived the Japanese Internment.

Part 1

Part 2

Discussion questions:

  1. Where have you felt the complexity of being an Asian American believer?
  2. What conclusions did you draw about your own cultural heritage from listening to Margaret’s story, Martin Luther King Jr’s story and the Japanese believer’s prayer?
  3. What historical research can you do (whether with your immediate family or surrounding your ethnic race) that will help you learn more about your own story?