Demystifying Asian American Culture and Identity

In this multimedia seminar, Epic Leadership Development team members Adrian and Jenny Pei cover some of the basics of Asian American identity, history, perception, issues, and ministry.  This resource can be a starting point for non-Asian Americans to learn more about culture and ethnic ministry, or for Asian Americans to understand their story and background more deeply.

Part One: “Entering Into Our Story”

Learn about Adrian and Jenny’s cultural and family history, and how that shapes their identity.

Discussion Questions:

  1. Where are your parents from?  Did you travel much in your childhood, and if so, where?  How did this impact who you are today?
  2. How would you describe your culture to somebody different from you?  What makes your culture unique and distinct?


Part 2: “Demystifying Asian American Culture”

What Asian Americans aren’t, and are. Exploring misconceptions, stereotypes, and values of Asian American culture.

Discussion Questions:

  1. What are some stereotypes you frequently see of your culture in the media?  What kind of impact do they have on you?
  2. How would you define what it means to be bicultural?  How does that shape a person’s experience of the world?


Part 3

Understanding the unique history of Asian Americans that shapes the challenges in ethnic ministry today.

Discussion Questions:

  1. When you think about the past 100 years of culture’s history, what are the top 3 events or images that come to mind?  How have those been significant in shaping your culture’s experience today?
  2. What do you think is the biggest challenge facing your culture, in your generation? 


Part 4: “Value of Asian American Ministry”

The unique value and opportunity of Asian American ministry.

Discussion Questions:

  1. How might the gospel bring healing and redemption to the biggest challenges of your culture?  How have you seen this in your life, or in others’ stories?
  2. When you consider your cultural identity, what unique qualities might allow you to minister even more effectively than if you were culturally unaware?


Here’s the full video: