How To: Intro to Digital Missions


Digital Marketing 101 – Video

Objective: Digital Marketing is a powerful way to know more about everyone we encounter is through the collection and analysis of data. Using data to inform digital communication is an impactful way to serve, guide and move anyone where they are, particularly when reaching them via a mobile device. Every person everywhere is on a […]

Digital Maturity

Digital maturity occurs when an organization is increasing both in digital capabilities (mobile apps, social media engagement, delightful user experiences) and transformational leadership across every nook and cranny in the organization. Ken Cochrum explains some key concepts he’s shared with some of our staff about digital maturity in this short video. The “10M” represents our desire to […]

Journey Together

Join Matthew Watts as he explains a simple model for an integrated digital content strategy. He will introduce the Core Interaction and look deeper at what it means to journey together spiritually with people using digital means. Matt will help you start small and build value for your users over time.   Part 1: Journey […]