How To: Build Your Website


Tagging: Using Cru’s Taxonomy

Taxonomy is the language we use to describe, classify and organize everything. We can tag content, experiences and even people. There are obvious applications for taxonomy, like organizing a library of content to make it easier to filter search results. Then there are less obvious applications. The tags on content can be fed into Cru’s […]

How to use Blog Widgets

Blog widgets are a great way to provide navigation and highlight new content or comments on your site.  To get started with blog widgets, first make sure you’re logged in.  Then while viewing the blog page click “Customize” in the admin bar. Click “Widgets”.   Click on “Blog Sidebar”, and then click “Add a Widget”. […]

How to use forms

Basics Click “Add New” and enter the Form Title(can be changed later) – you can also add a form description now if you wish.  Then click “Create Form”.   It’ll redirect you to the following page and give you instructions for how to build your form.  Use the selections on the right – click and […]

How to Create and Update your Menus

Menus in WordPress are managed from the Customize button in the WordPress Admin bar(the black bar across the top of the page when logged in) or under the admin menu on the left in Appearance >> Customize.   In Menus, you’ll find a button to see “Menu Locations”, a list of your menus below that, and a […]

How to not make an Ugly Website

Section Headers: The title of the post is an Heading 1 – do not use Heading 1 anywhere else in your post. Use Heading 2 headings to denote each section under the title, and Heading 3, Heading 4, etc for subsequent sub-sections. Put a blank line between sections Like you see Below™ Pictures/Screenshots: Lightbox view […]

Setting up MailChimp in WordPress

So you’ve got your shiny new WordPress site setup and now want to connect with your visitors via email.  This guide will set you up with a basic MailChimp subscribe form you can add to an existing post, page or widget area. Prerequisites: A MailChimp Account – existing or new, it’s up to you. A […]