How to not make an Ugly Website

Section Headers:

The title of the post is an Heading 1 – do not use Heading 1 anywhere else in your post.

Use Heading 2 headings to denote each section under the title, and Heading 3, Heading 4, etc for subsequent sub-sections.

Put a blank line between sections Like you see Below™


Lightbox view

To make pictures/images clickable Like you see Below™, select “Media File” in the “Link To” field in the right lower corner when inserting a picture.


Then edit the image

and in advanced options, put


in the “link css class” field.



Adding a carousel Like you see Below™ is super easy too!

Go to the “Add Media” button.  Click “Create Gallery”.  Select(or add) the photos you want in the carousel. Click “Create a New Gallery” in the lower right corner.


Arrange the order of your gallery, edit the Captions(shows up under the image), Alt Text(helpful for screen readers), and if you’d like the description – to show the text you’d like displayed.  Once you’re done click “Insert gallery”.  A note: it’ll show up as a grid in your edit view, but will look like you see in this post up above when published.