More data has been created in the past two years than in the entire previous history of the human race.

Every life and organization is being touched by data. However only 10% of organizations believe that they are effective at using data well (McKinsey 2018 CMO survey). By learning analytics, you can help Cru see where God is at work in people’s lives online. Analytics is just one way that God gives us insight into what He’s doing digitally.

When you hear analytics, what does this mean to you? These modules are meant to provide an overview and answer your questions. The world of web analytics is vast, but by learning some basic terminology, how to report value and how to deliver insights, you should be well on your way to understanding what analytics is all about.


100: Intro to Analytics
102: Reporting Value in Analytics
103: Creating Dashboards That Work

Want to learn more about creating the perfect dashboard? Here is a website with some great Adobe Analytics examples.

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