How to Create and Update your Menus

Menus in WordPress are managed from the Customize button in the WordPress Admin bar(the black bar across the top of the page when logged in) or under the admin menu on the left in Appearance >> Customize.


In Menus, you’ll find a button to see “Menu Locations”, a list of your menus below that, and a button at the bottom to add another menu.

Menus can be put in two types of locations:


Add a menu.

  • Give it a name. Click create menu.

  • If it’s going in one of the theme designated menu locations, select the location.
    • Top-level pages can be auto added as they’re created by selecting that option.  Remember the difference between pages and posts – pages are time agnostic, posts are more time aware – “Contact Us” vs a blog post.
  • Add items to your menu via the list on the right.
  • Then click “Save and Publish” in the top left.


Display the menu.

  • If it’s going in one of the theme defined locations, you’re all set!
  • If you’re putting it in a widget area(in the footer for example), in Customize select Widgets.
  • Then select the widget area, click “Add a Widget”, search/select “Custom Menu” and select the menu you desire
  • Click “Save and Publish”, and Boom! you’re set.


Updating menus

  • Is as simple as going to Customize >> Menus, selecting the menu of interest, and modifying it.  When you update a menu it is automatically updated everywhere in the site – both theme locations and widget areas that contain the menu.