Workshops are interactive, hands-on, smaller group presentations. They will be an hour in length and facilitated by authors, pastors, CEOs, missionaries, Cru staff members, faculty, and many others.

Please find the description and location of each workshop available to attend.

The Roots of Injustice

Al Goff - Global Aid Network | Clark A201

Explore the concept of biblical justice, meeting physical needs with the kindness of Jesus to create opportunities to share the gospel.

Soul Care in a Racially Complex Society

Tabitha Morales - Oneness and Diversity | LSC Grand Ballroom B

Get tips on how you can care for yourself and others in the midst of heart-wrenching conversations.

Gospel Proclamation in a Changing Culture

Tom Goodwin & Alisa Bentley - Cru City | Clark A101

City research has revealed some interesting truths about how people in our culture view Christians and faith-based organizations. This has informed City as they "reflect Jesus together for the good of the city". We will cover some specific research which reveals the posture to have in order to engage others in conversations around faith and their faith journey.

Tell it and Tell it Well: Refine Your Message, Engage Your Audience, Impact Your World

Josh McDowell | LSC North Ballroom

Whether your audience is 10 or 10,000, walk away from this workshop able to communicate your ideas and messages more effectively. 

Working Together Well With Others

Steve Douglass & Erick Schenkel | LSC Grand Ballroom A

No one organization can fulfill the Great Commission alone. Learn how we can collaborate to accomplish more.

Reach the People Around You

Debbie McGoldrick & NBS2GO team| LSC 386

Be equipped to pray for, connect with and lead your "neighbors" using a simple yet powerful Bible study tool.

Understanding Win, Build, Send in Ethnic Minority Communities

Margaret Yu, Donnie Begay, Renee Begay, Mark Vera & Jimmy McGee | LSC Cherokee Park

What does win, build, send look like when doing ministry with ethnic minorities in the U.S.?

Going Deeper With the Enneagram

Gina Butz | LSC 382

So you know your enneagram type. Now what? Come here thoughts and practices for how to use the enneagram to go deeper in your personal and spiritual growth.

You Don't Have to Crawl Across Glass to Raise Funds for Your Ministry Idea

Ellis Goldstein | Clark A102

God has given you a vision for ministry. Has funding your vision got you stumped? Are you a bit fearful of asking friends, thinking you might alienate them if you ask for money? Let's look at raising funds for the Great Commission (that includes the vision God has given you) from God's perspective. You'll come to a better understanding of His heart for providing what is needed, move from fear to steps of faith and discover some practical steps of how to engage your friends with your God-given vision for ministry.

A New Conversation About Porn

Brian Goins | LSC 304

It's about time we stopped asking the question, "Is porn right or wrong?" and ask the question, "Is it worth it?"

What’s Your Hurry?

Terry Morgan | Clark A104

Hurry has become a way of life. It is intoxicating, addicting . . . and destroying our lives. Unhurried living is not attaining the elusive perfectly balanced life but rather a daily rhythm of dependence on the One who offers true repose for our soul. Join us for an interactive time of reflection, encouragement, tips and a free resource for unhurried living.

Joy in God’s Presence

Nicole Stevens | Clark A202

Psalm 16:11 celebrates experiencing joy in God’s presence. You will leave this workshop with creative ways to experience joy in the presence of our Savior. We will incorporate worship music, journaling and Scripture. 

Be the CEO of Your Leadership Development

Dee Hammons | Clark A203

Use the concepts of the Cru Growth Model to create a clear growth plan, accelerating personal relationships and leadership capacity.

Mixed Salad Approach to an Above Average Spiritual Walk

Mark Oh | Clark A207

Most of us feel our spiritual walk is inadequate and does not measure up to our “spiritual role models”. This workshop is designed to help you: 1) understand and accept your own ethnic, cultural and church background, 2) identify areas that need to change, 3) learn from others with different ethnic, cultural and church backgrounds.

How to Share the Good News With Muslims Without Driving Them Further From Jesus

Thaddeus Bergman | LSC Longs Peak

A role-play (and e-transcript) of a compelling gospel presentation designed for Muslims that avoids the typical landmines and builds friendships.

Short Films for Church Outreach

Tez Brooks & Krista Parrett | Clark A205

Learn how to equip church leaders for film festival outreaches. Discover ways to advertise and organize the event successfully and facilitate audience participation, followed by a discussion on ideas for follow-up and discipleship. 

A Jigsaw Guide to Sharing the Good News

Alex McLellan | Clark A204

How do you share the gospel in an unchurched, post-Christian culture? The answer: 3-1-3.

How Does God Spell Evangelism?

Ethel Sims & Rev. Dr. Thomas L. Sims | LSC 308/310

Learn the God-ordained distinction between personal witnessing and ministry outreach and God’s plan to reignite souls for the work of evangelism.