July 19-25

Participants are free to leave on July 26

“We love because he first loved us.”

1 John 4:19

Cru19 Schedule

Please find a downloadable version of the Cru19 schedule (final) for your convenience.


At Cru19 we will have the opportunity to choose from over 70 different workshops related to God (soul care) and evangelism. These interactive workshops will provide practical ministry tools, opportunities for spiritual formation, spark conversations and provide resources for our personal development and ministry goals. 


Super Seminars
Ministry Mixer & Opportunities
Town Hall
Evening Entertainment
Watching With Littles
Legacy Track

Cru19 App

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The Cru19 app will help you stay informed about Summer19/Cru19. Download the Attendify app from your app store. Select Cru19 as the event and walk through the simple sign up steps.

Cru19 Updates

Stay informed about Cru19 as details unfold by referencing this catalog of emails sent to all staff leading into the summer.

Video Archives

View all videos about Cru19, including meeting the hosts and program directors as they share more about the conference.