Conference Tuition

Cru17 Tuition: $450/person

Cru17 Tuition for any type of staff: $450

Those who are on staff with Cru in any way, including hourly/salaried, supported, affiliate, associate, part-time, interns, and spousal affiliates, will pay the full tuition of $450 to attend the conference.

If you have been given an approval to attend fewer than the scheduled days by contacting, the cost is $70 per day.

Tuition for U.S. Staff not required to attend: $70/day up to a maximum of $450

Tuition for participants not on staff with Cru: No charge for Monday - Thursday, July 17-20. Non-staff participants wishing to participate in Connection Weekend, July 21-24, will pay $115 or a day rate of $50.

Any non-staff participants who are not pre-registered need to acquire a day pass, which can be obtained by a Cru staff member at the Cru17 Information Services office on the first floor of the Durrell Center or inside Moby Arena.

Connection Weekend (July 21-24): $115/person

Summer17/Cru17 charges will be taken out of your staff account all at once around August 22, 2017. Payments cannot be spread out over multiple months. That is what the CSU savings fund is for.

Off-Campus Facility Use Fee

This mandatory fee applies to all participants living off-campus and covers the costs incurred by Colorado State University as we use their campus and its facilities. For those living on-campus, this fee has already been added into housing costs. There is no facility use fee for children. Non-staff participants who attend Cru17 are also not charged this fee.

Summer17: $4/day/adult
Cru17: $12/day/adult

Kids Care/Camp

  • $50 non-refundable registration fee per child
  • $140 per week per child during Summer17
  • $240 per child during Cru17

Jr./Sr. High

  • $50 non-refundable registration fee per child
  • $160 per week per child during Summer17
  • $300 per child during Cru17

On-campus Housing Rates

Please visit the On-Campus Housing costs page.

Institute of Biblical Studies (IBS) Tuition

  • IBS Tuition: $250 per class
  • Graduate Credit: $90 extra per class

Other Track Tuitions

Legacy Track
July 13 - 15, 2017

  • $185 per participant

June 12 - July 14, 2017

  • $1450 per participant

Missional Team Leader Training (MTL) (By invitation only)
June 19 - July 14, 2017

  • $950 per participant; $100 spouse

New Staff Training (NST)
June 12 - July 15, 2017

  • NST tuition: $450

  • NSO (New Staff Orientation) tuition: $200

Ministry Partner Development (MPD)
July 10 - 14, 2017

  • Single: $700

  • Married Couple: $1150

  • Senior Staff marrying New Staff, or Senior Staff taking for refresher: $150

CSU Savings Fund

Cru has created the ability to set up an account that you can use to transfer funds to save for Cru17 during the year. When it comes time to pay for Cru17, the funds are available for you to use to cover your expenses. To set up a CSU Savings Fund account, complete the online transfer form and then click the “submit” button to email it to Staff Services.

If you added funds to the CSU savings plan, those funds will be transferred back into your staff account on the same day that you are charged for your Summer17/Cru17 expenses.