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Created For hosts virtual events to help followers of Jesus discover the impact that is uniquely theirs to make.

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Event Archive: Created For on February 23, 2021

Justin Giboney
Thy Civic Neighbor

Justin Giboney is an ordained minister, attorney and political strategist in Atlanta, GA. He is also the co-founder and president of the AND Campaign, a coalition of biblical Christians who are determined to address the sociopolitical arena with the compassion and conviction of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He served as the co-chair of Obama for America’s Gen44-Atlanta initiative, and in 2012 and 2016 Georgia’s 5th congressional district elected him as a delegate for the Democratic National Convention. Giboney also served on the Urban League of Greater Atlanta Board of Directors and has written op-eds for publications such as Christianity Today and The Hill.

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Elizabeth McKinney
Jesus Saw His Neighbors

Elizabeth Mckinney is a wife and mom to four little girls. She is on staff with Cru City and serves as associate staff at her church, The Crossing in Columbia, Missouri. She writes, speaks and is passionate about helping people love their next-door neighbors. Elizabeth is the co-author of Placed for a Purpose: A Simple and Sustainable Vision for Loving Your Next-Door Neighbors.

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Chris Ghubril
Who Am I?

Chris Ghubril serves as both a Cru Campus Team Leader and West Coast Cross-Cultural Training Coordinator. These roles and his bi-cultural Lebanese heritage help him pioneer the creation of cross-cultural evangelism tools, like Cru’s I Am From cards. He lives in Tuscon with his wife Alyssa and three-year-old daughter Norah.

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Jo Saxton
Step Into Your Influence

Jo Saxton is an author, speaker, podcast host, and leadership coach. She has dedicated her career to growing leadership teams around the world and empowering women to find their purpose in their personal lives and in leadership.

Born in London to parents who immigrated from Nigeria, Jo credits her family’s unrelenting work ethic and the grace of God for the bold, tenacious approach she takes to sharing her wisdom on identity, influence, and living an authentic life. She is characterized by her effervescent honesty and warm approachability, leaving audiences with practical next steps in areas that are usually a bit ambiguous.

Her previous book, More than Enchanting: Breaking Through Barriers to Influence Your World, discusses the role of women in church and society. While her book, The Dream of You: Let Go of Broken Identities and Live the Life You Were Made For helps readers address their past, accept their identity, and learn how to create a legacy they want. In addition to work as an author, Jo has also spearheaded an initiative aimed to help women grow their leadership skills.

Jo lives in Minneapolis with her husband, Chris, and their two daughters.

Liz Forkin Bohannon Headshot

Liz Bohannon
Dream Small

Liz Bohannon is the founder of Sseko Designs, a socially conscious fashion brand, and the author of Beginner’s Pluck. She was named a top speaker by Forbes and a Transformational Leader by John Maxwell. She spends her days encouraging and equipping women to build lives (and businesses!) of purpose and impact and her nights and weekends wrestling, snuggling and wrangling her two sons with her husband (and business partner!) Ben.

Rasool Berry
We Are Created For

Rasool Berry serves the teaching pastor at The Bridge Church in Brooklyn and as staff with Cru’s ministry to millennials called Embark. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in Africana Studies and Sociology.

Rasool’s name means ‘messenger’ in Arabic. It’s fitting because he is passionate about communicating spiritual truths into the language and ethos of our times, especially to college students and young adults. His writing has been featured in outlets such as Christianity Today, The Witness, Relevant Magazine, The Gospel Coalition, and Faithful Magazine. Rasool enjoys  all forms of storytelling and seeks to translate life experiences through a Christian worldview. He lives in Brooklyn, with his wife Tamica and daughter, Ire’Ana.

Rich Villodas

Rich Villodas
Slowing Down to Catch Up to God

Rich Villodas is the Brooklyn-born lead pastor of New Life Fellowship, a large multiracial church with more than seventy-five countries represented in Elmhurst, Queens. Rich holds a Master of Divinity from Alliance Theological Seminary. He enjoys reading widely, preaching and writing on contemplative spirituality, justice-related matters, and the art of preaching. He’s been married to Rosie since 2006 and they have two beautiful children, Karis and Nathan. His first book, The Deeply Formed Life, is now available wherever books are sold.

Photo of David Robbins

David Robbins
Christ in Us

David Robbins is passionate about integrating faith and family while equipping people to invest in their communities. David became the President of FamilyLife in 2017. He and his wife Meg have served in a variety of ministry roles over the years in Western Europe and as a National Director for Cru’s Campus Field Ministry. Before FamilyLife, the Robbins lived in Manhattan, where they helped launch an initiative with Cru to 20-somethings. Their desire is to leverage FamilyLife’s resources to engage new audiences and generations to come. David and Meg, married in 2001, currently live in Orlando, Florida, with their four children.

Jocelyn Chung
Made to Create

Jocelyn Chung is a lettering artist, graphic designer, writer, and speaker who is passionate about raising up the next generation of Asian American women leaders to be healthy, whole, and embodied. She believes in empowering others, knowing our history, sharing stories to cultivate empathy, sharing art as hospitality, writing words to bring healing, embracing the tension, and using her voice and art to be a truth-seeker and truth speaker. She graduated with a B.F.A. in Graphic Design in 2018 and has done work in spiritual soul care with a global non-profit for the past 3 years. She is a proud daughter of Taiwanese immigrants and proud auntie of two of the squishiest nieces.

Wendy Chen
Event Host

Wendy comes from an ethnically Chinese family, but was born and raised in South Korea, and immigrated to the United States as a child. She serves as the Executive Director of Cru Embark, a ministry towards 20-Somethings in the City, helping recent college graduates live fuller, richer lives. She has been on staff for 15 years; 6 of those with the Epic Movement. She currently resides in Portland, Oregon, with her husband Josh, and their four children. She longs to see a generation of young women who will reject shame and know their true identity as image bearers of God. She does this by sharing her life, her struggles, and the lies she often finds herself believing, and the courage and faith it takes to put her trust in who God says she is. She loves nothing more than a table full of people she deeply loves, filled with good food and laughter. She is a wife, a mother, a photographer, and she is learning to be brave.

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