Central Asia (West Coast Schools)

Central Asia, while grounded in its historical Silk Road roots, is quickly modernizing and looking more like the western world you know every it is filled with both the familiar and the new. You may spend your morning drinking tea in a Central Asian cafe as you hear the Islamic call to prayer ring out over the city. That night you may find yourself enjoying a delicious rice and lamb dish in the home of one of your new Central Asian friends. In a single day, perhaps even over a single meal, you can experience strangers becoming friends.


Central Asia is home to a mix of ethnic groups with most indigenous peoples having a long Islamic tradition, yet their connection with Communist rule has left them widely ignorant to the real roots and customs of Islam. They are hungry for answers and direction! Students will flock to you to practice their conversational English and learn about America and the outside world. You will grow in flexibility, faith, and the simplicity of sharing Christ with those who have never heard. Join us to help reach Central Asian students for Christ and show them how a restored relationship with God is possible!


*Trip Enddate is currently subject to change, plus or minus 2-3 days.



- Is Central Asia safe? Yes! In our location, violent crime is nearly unheard of and this area of the world honors and enjoys tourists.

- Will I have my phone? Yes!

- Will I have to learn another language? No! Most students speak conversational English but at the least, google translate will be a helpful friend.

- Specifically, what kind of ministry will I do? Do I have to know how to share my faith? We'll be assisting a local English center which will give us the opportunity to build friendships with university students to naturally have spiritual conversations. We will provide training for how to talk about/share Jesus with others. Our hope is to help launch a spiritual movement at our location's university where there is none.

- How will I pay for my trip? Cru will provide a personal coach and resources to help you raise funds.

Where is Central Asia? Central Asia is a large region, google it! But our location, for security reasons for our in-country partners, will be shared during the application process.


Upon acceptance, please be prepared to pay a $250 deposit within 48 hours to reserve your spot on the team.


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