From Witchcraft to Peaceful Dreams

Jessica Cline

Peaceful. That's how Timea Pasztor described her 2 dreams about Jesus.

Timea, called Timi, started reading books about witchcraft when she was 14. As a result, her dreams got darker, more soul-stirring, more terrible. So the 2 dreams Timi had about Jesus struck her like the difference between day and night -- and left the now-freshman finance student wanting to know more about Jesus.

When a stranger came to her dormitory at the Financial College in Budapest, Hungary, asking Timi her thoughts about Jesus, she wasn't surprised -- just interested.

In exchange for filling out a spiritual-interest questionnaire, Cru staff member Csilla Meszaros offered Timi a bag. Tucked inside were several items: a CD, a calendar, candy, a pen and a magazine. The magazine, created by the staff members, offered tips on coping as a freshman, funny stories and information on Cru Hungary, all with an evangelistic intent.

For 7 days, staff members distributed these kits on university campuses across Budapest. Over half of the 8,000 kit recipients, including Timi, said they would be interested in learning about a friendship with God.

But before anyone had time to answer Timi's request, she came to the weekly student meeting. That night, Timi placed her faith in Jesus.

"Timi is eager to learn," says Csilla, who mentors Timi. "She wants to study the Bible, learn more about God and do evangelism."

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