Eavesdropping on the Gospel

Jennifer Abegg

Claudia Troger became a Christian by eavesdropping.

Though she grew up in what was once Communist East Germany, Claudia believed God existed. However, she didn't know God.

"I was lonely and searching for answers," says Claudia, who was a student at Germany's University of Berlin. Then she met some American Cru missionaries there.

During a party at the Americans' home, Claudia overheard a conversation between a missionary and a German.

The American was explaining how to know God personally. Though the other German seemed uninterested, Claudia wanted answers, and she kept listening, amazed at what she heard. Still eavesdropping, she prayed and invited Christ into her life during that conversation. "Praying to Jesus seemed really weird," she remembers.

Five years later, she is a missionary with Cru, working in England at Imperial College London. She tells others about Jesus, never knowing who is listening.

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