30 Week Coaching Plan

Week 5

  1. How was your devotional time last week? Share your recent personal devotional.

  2. Are you living a pure life? Is everything okay?

  3. Are you praying for the campus?

  4. Role Play and train in the Satisfied booklet from last week’s assignment. This is good even if people have done it already. This will include the new students.

  5. Cover items for a successful Bible study – here is my favorite training:
    How To Lead a Bible Study
    See Discipleship for more information. The videos and this discussion are excellent, especially the videos by Tim Henderson

  6. Spend time explaining that their Bible study content needs to be simple, transferable, can be imitated, and with engaging questions. Be careful of Bible study theme tangents or more sensational topics. They only have a few short weeks in each semester. Cover the most important foundational materials first. Therefore, I highly advocate for the Discover, Training and Action Level Bible studies in the Community in Cru.org:
    Discovery Level 
    Training Level
    Action Level 


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