Our Leadership

Leonard and Debbie Buhler

Director of Affairs, Canada

Leonard spent 30 years in the agricultural business specializing in production and retail in Canada. In conjunction with that time, he directed Campus Crusade's Power to Change Manitoba campaign and served as a Campus Crusade board member from 2001 to 2003.

Shortly after that, in 2004, Leonard was appointed president of Canada Campus Crusade for Christ and began giving leadership to 415 staff members.

In 2005, Leonard encouraged FamilyLife, Campus Crusade's marriage and family ministry to dream big. Since then, FamilyLife's TV show, Marriage Uncensored, has gone nation-wide, and expanded to several US states.

"I'm a building person, and we want to reach our country and the world with the message of Jesus Christ in the most innovative way we can," said Leonard.

Leonard and Debbie live in British Columbia, Canada.

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