IT Manager

Job Purpose

To lead the IT department into providing a robust, secure, efficient and disciplined IT environment within Cru Singapore.


Information Technology


  • Oversee IT infrastructure and proper maintenance required
  • Review, plan and implement improvements to the existing infrastructure such that it can tolerate system failures well (robust), is safe from threats (secure) and efficient
  • Review, implement and document IT policies and processes
  • Collaborate with other divisions to implement Cloud Solutions
  • Oversee the budgeting and expenditure of the IT department
  • Manage the IT staff in the areas of IT training and development, job design and work review
  • Provide support to departments and ministries and advise on IT solutions


  • A degree in Information Technology or equivalent.
  • At least five years’ work experience in the IT sector including two years in IT management.
  • Knowledge of the Mac OSX & Microsoft Windows Operating Systems, Microsoft Office365 and G-Suite (Google) Productivity Applications/Services.
  • Ability to administer some or all of the following will be advantageous:
    • Security Systems (hardware firewall & threat protection software)
    • Networking Systems (network switches & wireless access points)
    • Physical and Virtual (Hyper-V) Windows & Linux Servers, On-Premise and Cloud (Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure)
    • Web Servers (Apache)
  • Attend and be involved in bi-monthly Christian fellowship staff meeting sessions and other corporate off-site Christian fellowship meeting sessions

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