Make your July 4 “P”erfect!

  • by Becky Thomton

The Fourth of July is a wonderful holiday for America. We celebrate our independence as a country, enjoy time with family and friends and hopefully don’t get burned by a sparkler.

But before you rush into eating hot dogs and watermelon by the side of the pool, here’s a few ideas to make this holiday fun and meaningful. To help you, they all start with the letter “P.” So put on your Patriotic Polo or Petticoat and have a great Fourth of July.

1. Pause.

There’s a reason we have holidays. They are time when the normal routine of life shifts and gives us time to contemplate things a little differently. So, stop.

Take a breath.

Hug your kids.

Watch the sunset.

Take some time to think about this holiday and what it represents. Talk about freedom with your friends and family. Start by discussing one of these verses about freedom.

2. Play!

It’s summer! And you’ve got fireworks!

Enjoy the outdoors with your family. Grab some friends and head to the lake. Take some time to enjoy God’s creation and the people in your life.

Make today a true vacation day.

3. Parade!

Get out in your community; interact with your neighbors. Don’t just do things with your family, but engage with those around you.

Attend a local parade or whichever festivity happens in your town. It’s a great time to start up conversations with others that will hopefully continue throughout the year.

Since the 4th is on Saturday, it’s natural to invite people to church with you the very next day.

Want to take a conversation deeper? Here’s 99 questions to get started.

4. Pray.

As you’re enjoying the day, invite God into each moment, and talk to Him about your joys and concerns. Ask your friends and family how you can pray for them, and maybe it will become a great day for that heart-to-heart with your son or neighbor.

As we remember the many who fought for our country’s independence, pray for those still fighting. Pray for military families and wounded veterans. Pray for Cru Military and share your prayer requests.

Pray for peace.