English Club

How one missionary kid serves in Italy and beyond.

  • by Jan Stewart
Photos courtesy MK2MK

MK2MK, Missionary Kid to Missionary Kid, is helping build a global, spiritual movement of missionary kids who affect their world for Christ.

Their primary focus is for college-aged MKs (missionary kids, children of missionary parents) to develop mentoring-type relationships with teenage MKs. These will help encourage them in their character growth, competency, and spiritual relationship with God.

Courtney Taylor is a 10th grade American, yet her experience as a missionary kid in Italy where her parents are missionaries has been influential. Courtney’s strong desire for solid, healthy friendships with fellow classmates in Florence, Italy, has motivated her to start an English club.

Twice a month Courtney meets with the group. The Italian girls love the time to talk, play a few games, and eat American food. She notices the girls are starting to feel more comfortable and willing to speak in English as they get to know each other better.

“I've always come away from every MK2MK event more excited about my relationship with God and hope for my future as an MK,” says Courtney. “Even though I already had the idea of starting an English club, going on project [to Ethiopia] really helped spur me on to follow through with that plan. I wanted to go back to Italy and make a difference because of my summer.”

MK2MK plans another mission trip for this summer.

  • Location:  Rosario, Argentina
  • Team of 23 students and 6 leaders
  • July 4-Aug. 4, 2011
  • Work with Argentina Cru -- to serve alongside their teams
  • Going into local high schools for ministry
  • Assist with local outreaches creatively in sports and drama
  • Involves humanitarian work

Besides the mission trips MKs participate in, all MKs are welcome to be part of the MK2MK community.