Pursuit of Truth Leads Student to Become a Missionary

Finnish student investigates truth and is challenged by what she finds in Jesus Christ.

During high school, Saara Kempinen of Finland decided to see if Christianity was true. She began reading philosophers such as Plato, but they just confused her. Next she picked up a Bible, but got bogged down in Genesis.

Finally, after talking to counselors at summer camps sponsored by Logos Ministries, Cru in Finland, she realized that God still changes lives today.

While in college, Saara joined the Logos campus group, where she became fascinated with the person of Jesus and how He meets people. Her fascination led her to spend a year working as a missionary with Cru in Lyon, France.

"When David Wilson of England spoke to us in Tampere," she says, "I realized for the first time that I must be a witness. And I realized that if I dreamed of being a missionary, I must start now."