Can You Hear Me Now?

Campus Crusade in New Zealand asks college students to tune into God.

  • by Evangeline Vergo

Static interrupts a signal. Do you consider the following list as static?

  • iPods
  • Marketing
  • Friends
  • Cell phones
  • Tests
  • Laptops
  • Family
  • Jobs…

Can students hear the voice of God over a busy collegiate life?

Just like a television set or radio must be tuned into the right frequency, we must tune in to God to know what He wants to say.

Staff members with New Zealand's Student Life are asking the 20,000 college students in their country to "tune in" and listen to God's message for them.

Through an outreach titled "Tune In," staff members at New Zealand's universities pass out postcards on campus. If the students return the postcards, Cru will send them a "Tuned In" magazine.

The magazine explains how to connect with God through Jesus Christ and offers the students an opportunity to begin a relationship with God.

"Just like a TV broadcast makes no sense unless you have it tuned in correctly," the Web site explains, "the same is true when it comes to what God has to say to each of us. Most of us just aren't tuned into what God has to say to us.

"So amidst the static of life, we often give up on ever hearing from God. Well, here's your chance, you're on the right frequency. God has something great to say to each of us."

The site also includes:

  • 9 short videos of college students explaining their experience of knowing God
  • An explanation of Student Life (Cru in New Zealand)
  • A gospel presentation based on the booklet Would You Like to Know God Personally?

210 students in New Zealand have taken time to listen beyond the static by indicating a decision to start a personal relationship with God.