New Insight Found in School's Elective Class

Australian teenager learns what it really means to know God

  • by Becky Hill
Photo Courtesy of Shayne Hamilton

Bec's spiritual journey began at her elementary school.

Taking an elective religious education class in New South Wales, Australia, she learned about how to know God.

"I grew up in a Christian family, but never understood about having a relationship with God," she says.

In the class, taught by Cru staff member Shayne Hamilton, Bec prayed and invited Christ into her life.

Shayne teaches the class as part of his role of chaplain at the school, a position often welcomed in Australia's public schools. 

Bec, now 14, has gone on to become a student leader in Cru's Youth Ministries Australia at her high school.

"Before, I wasn't so worried about my language or how I looked to other people," says Bec. "But now I'm trying to show people I'm a Christian through the ways that I act."