From Boys to Men in the Australian Outback

  • by Becky Hill

A staff member in Australia takes male students into the bush to build discipleship relationships.

They called it "Boys in the Bush," but the three-day retreat was really about how to become men.

"A lot of guys who have grown up in the city don't learn responsibility when they stay at home," says Jake Abraham, Cru staff member in Australia. "They come from broken families or haven't had good examples of fathers. They just don't know how to be men."

So Jake created an event to teach guys about manhood, taking 20 university students straight into the Australian bush.

Jeremy Law, a first-year student at Monash University, joined his "mates" for the weekend trip. They camped out, went exploring, and even built a hut.

They also talked about God. "We looked at Genesis," says Jeremy, "and God's plan for men. We talked about authentic manhood."

Jake talked to the guys about stepping up in their roles as men, and talked about issues like purity.

Jeremy loved the retreat, telling other guys on campus about it. "It was a great encouragement in my spiritual life," says the 19-year-old. "I've become more sincere and truthful, and willing to take up my role as a man of God. I'm not so afraid to take risks."

Jeremy is continuing to grow in his faith, and Jake hopes he will continue to be a leader in the local Cru group.