A Discovered Detour Down Under

How a relationship roadblock led to a couple's commitment to Christ

  • by Rich Atkinson
Photo by Heather Fletcher

One Thursday night, Kirsty Albrand discovered pornographic videos on her computer when her then live-in boyfriend, Kyall Duffy, was at work.

"I was crushed and angry. I felt betrayed." Kirsty says.

She was so upset she didn't want to go pick him up from work. In fact, Kirsty wanted Kyall out of her life.

"The pornography seemed so horrible and wrong to me, and I didn't want to be with someone who was so horrible and wrong," says Kirsty.

She spent that night alone -- crying.

Kyall Seeks Help for His Problems

The next morning Kirsty phoned Kyall's mom and told her to check up on him. His mom sought to find help for Kyall by talking with her husband, who had been mentored by Cam Fletcher in the early 1990s.

Cam works with Student Life, the name for the university ministry of Cru Australia. Kyall called him for help.

They arranged to meet at the Coffee Club. "I'll be wearing a red motorbike jacket," Kyall said.

When Cam arrived, Kyall was surprised that Cam was not just a boring Christian. He showed up wearing biker gear, too. They talked about motorbikes and discussed Kyall's pornography issue.

They met a second time and talked about how Kristy was feeling and why she was so upset about Kyall's pornography.

The third time they met, Kirsty joined them. The fourth time, Cam challenged them to go through a "Christianity Explained" Bible study with him and his wife, Heather.

Misunderstanding Leads to Life Change

Kyall was hoping Kirsty would say no to the Bible study, but instead she said yes.

"I didn't want to [do the study], but I was sure Kyall was really into it and wanted to do it, so I said yes," Kirsty says. "I found out later that Kyall didn't want to do the 'Christianity Explained' either and was hoping I would say no. That turned out to be a great little miscommunication."

Through the roadblock in their relationship, they both placed their faith in Christ.

"God turned something horrible and ugly and used it to turn us to Him," Kirsty says.

She describes what the Bible study was like: "For the first 3 weeks, I didn't connect with God. I was interested in God and learning about Him, but there wasn't a relationship with God. Yet I wanted to come back. I didn't know why," Kirsty says.

Through the Bible study, Kyall understood about God's forgiveness for the very first time.

"I didn't know Jesus could forgive everything. That worked for me. No whys, ifs or buts, it was just done," Kyall says. "I prayed the 'giving-ourselves-to-God prayer' with Cam and I meant it."

Kyall and Kirsty celebrated their new life in Christ together by getting married in January 2009.