Answered Prayer for Boldness

  • by Jennifer Abegg

College student Josephine Lim accepted Christ as her Savior almost two years ago, but she was afraid to tell others about Him.

"I was really worried at the thought of myself going up to strangers and asking them about Christianity," says Jo, "which is a topic that they may find uncomfortable to discuss."

But in Student Life, the college ministry of Cru in Australia, where she found out about Jesus, Jo learned about the value of telling others. She began talking to God about her fear: "I knew what my weakness was so I prayed and prayed about it."

With new boldness, she talked to a girl on campus and told her about Christ. They later began a study called "Christianity Explained."

"I still regard myself as a 'novice' in the Christian family," says Jo, but during the fifth lesson, Jo's new friend placed her trust in Christ.

"God was able to use me to extend His Kingdom," Jo says, "and to teach me a valuable lesson about keeping my faith in Christ and leaving the results to God."

Geoff Folland, a Cru staff member at Jo's university, agrees. "It's so encouraging to see how Jo became a Christian [recently], is growing in her relationship with God and has stepped up to serve God while she is still on campus," he says.