Australia's Vision For Thailand

Trees represent Dave Huddleston's vision for the youth of Australia.

  • by Tez Brooks

During a personal retreat, Dave Huddleston was given a powerful and fresh revelation from God - - it was all about trees.

Dave leads Cru’s Youth Ministries in Australia (YMA), and felt that the Lord was renewing a call for YMA to sow deep into the youth across the country.

This movement would be like a landscape featuring tall trees, representing faithful, experienced and mature disciple-making leaders whose roots go deep into Christ.

There would also be some emerging undergrowth of smaller trees - - those represented younger, less experienced leaders.

Dave felt that God was showing that these smaller trees would be empowered under the shelter of the taller. 

Since then, the YMA team has been intentionally working with both types of student leaders. 

During YMA’s Immerse Thailand mission project in April 2010, God captured Dave’s attention through Isaiah 61:3. It spoke about trees; using the term “oaks of righteousness.”

During one outing, Dave’s team was invited to join with Thai youth leaders and students for the opening of a local youth center.

YMA had been instrumental in helping this ministry get started. Dave joined them and was surprised to see a painting of a tree on the wall. It was a supernatural moment for him.

God is moving powerfully among the youth of northeast Thailand, a region of 20 million people of which less than 0.1% are Christian.

God appears to be using this new youth center as a strategic hub for gathering and empowering emerging leaders.

Tong is one of those leaders. He volunteers as the director of Thailand Youth Ministries, based in the regional city of Korat.

He and his team are incredibly passionate about their faith and commitment to making disciples.

These young believers, like trees, are grafted into Jesus, bringing forth fruit wherever they are planted. They continue to grow strong and tall for the display of God’s splendor.

Tong says, “We have a heart for this generation. I thank God for many who are seeing the same vision and want to pray with us or give.”