Missions Concerts in India

  • by Joy Tan, Forerunner (music ministry) staff

None of our music bands has ever been to India for a mission trip among campus students. This was a first! Our band of 11 knew the challenges of going to Kolkata – cultural differences, poverty, infrastructural ‘chaos’ and establishing connection with the Indian students were just a few challenges we faced as foreigners in India. As the team prayed, God impressed on us Zechariah 4:6, “not by might, not by power, but my Spirit.” We knew God wanted to use us in spite of our limitations and to show us that He was sufficient for all our needs.

Indeed God is sufficient! Around 800 students came for 5 pre-evangelistic Christmas concerts in colleges and churches in Kolkata where songs, testimonies and skits about Christ were presented. From the concerts, the local campus staff gathered many new student contacts to follow up and invite to their student meetings for further exposure to the gospel.

The band also performed in St. Xavier’s College, the second most prestigious college in Kolkata! Despite exams and other distractions, God brought the largest audience ever (in this college) to the concert. Even the college principal came! We are praying that this will help local campus staff gain permission to conduct Bible studies in the college.

For the India Cru staff, this series of concerts was their first big-scale Christmas outreach event for students. They saw how God provided for their financial needs, permission for venues to be booked, and brought the pre-believing students to the concerts. Organizing this event really stretched their faith!

Both teams grew from seeing each other’s faith in action towards missions and outreach. This was especially important and crucial for our Indian brothers and sisters who are a religious minority in India. This experience provided much needed encouragement for them to keep standing firm in their faith and continue to believe that India can be transformed for the Lord.