Philippines Update and Prayer Requests

Millions affected by Super Typhoon Haiyan-Yolanda.

Residents gather coins and other salvageable materials from the ruins of houses after Super Typhoon Haiyan battered Tacloban city in central Philippines November 10, 2013. Photo by Erik De Castro (Reuters)

One of the strongest storms in recorded history has devastated central Philippines. The super storm known as Yolanda in the Philippines has left devastation on a monumental scale and affected millions. Many people have been killed in this tragedy and thousands more are without homes, food and basic necessities.

Cru has over 200 staff ministering in the Philippines in the midst of the devastation and loss. Many of our staff have been directly affected by the typhoon and have lost almost everything.

Beginning on November 13, GAiN Philippines organized PCCC staff members and university students in Manila to sort the food, water, medicine and clothing that an airline company offered to transport for free.

Our staff in the Philippines have asked for prayer for the following:

  • Please pray for all of our more than 200 staff located in the Philippines affected by this tragedy.
  • Please pray for Dr. Ding Miguel, Jojo Besin, Art Adriano and Ferdie Medina as they are coordinating now to provide immediate medical help and relief operations for the area.
  • Please pray for Dr. Gloria Fabrigas, the PCCC team leader in Leyte, as she continues to do relief work on the ground in Tacloban City although it’s not currently a safe situation.
  • Please pray for transportation opportunities and facilities to open up so that relief aid can be effectively transported to and distributed in the affected areas.
  • Please pray for the safety of our staff and all the people to whom they are ministering. There are many reports of violence and lootings from desperate people targeting anyone with aid.
  • Please pray for PCCC Interns in Iloilo, Ramy Demotica and Jelo Deferia, whose houses were partially destroyed. Also, in Iloilo, 14 student leaders’ homes were either partially or totally damaged. They need basic goods, food and water.
  • Please pray for safety for two ARP volunteers who are traveling to the area to provide extra medical help.

We are doing everything we can to come to the aid of our staff and the people to whom they are ministering during this devastating crisis. Please consider a generous gift to help them today. They are in need of urgent, immediate funds.