Haiti Earthquake Update

Months after the earthquake, Haiti still needs your help.

  • by Rich Atkinson
Photo by Claudia Dewald

It’s been more than 6 months after a 7.0 magnitude earthquake shook Port-au-Prince, Haiti, creating a sea of rubble and an ocean of death and destruction.

But not much has changed in the landscape.

For this country considered the poorest nation in the world even before the catastrophe, it is even more of a struggle now. The January 12 quake killed more than 200,000 and it’s estimated that it doubled the number of orphans.

Soon after the disaster, GAiN, the humanitarian ministry of Cru for Christ, arrived and started phase one of their efforts -- the relief phase -- where they responded with food, medical care, counseling and distribution of non-food items too.

Currently, GAiN is involved in phase 2: the recovery phase of a 3-phase plan to help Haiti.

This recovery phase includes helping develop a plan for the distribution of aid including food, the development of a ministry center and volunteer base, as well as working with medical and volunteer teams.

The 3rd part, the reconstruction phase is focused on the long-term development of Haiti including building permanent housing and helping develop trade schools and microenterprise projects.

Duane Zook, Chief Executive Officer of GAiN, says “What came down in 35 to 50 seconds is going to take not days, not months -- years and maybe decades to rebuild.”

Pastor Esperandieu Pierre, national director of Cru in Haiti says, “There is a crisis of leadership in Haiti,” says Pastor Pierre, whose first name means “hope in God.”

“There are 4 things people can do to make a difference,” he says. They can invest their finances, time, influence, and their expertise.

Ways they can help with their expertise include using their construction skills to help with construction projects or by teaching Haitians a life-skill that will help empower them.

GAiN has short-term mission trips for Haiti in January, March and June of 2011. The teams will distribute aid and will possibly be working on construction projects in Chambrun about 12 miles north of Port-au-Prince.

Listen to video stories from Cru’s Haiti national director, Pastor Esperandieu Pierre.

18 . March . 2010

All JESUS film team members have now been found. The last team member had fled Port-au-Prince to a remote location and was unable to contact other staff members until recently.

13 . January . 2010

Shortly before 5:00 p.m. local time on Tuesday, January 12, a 7.0-magnitude earthquake struck near Port-au-Prince, Haiti, killing tens of thousands. The rampant destruction has been widely reported in the news.

Catch a glimpse of Haiti before the earthquake.

Students & Cru Staff Members in Haiti

Cru has a number of missionaries working in Haiti. The director, Rev. Esperandieu Pierre, and his family as well as the second staff family -- previously unaccounted for -- have been located and are fine.

The JESUS Film Project® also reports that several teams continue showing the JESUS film wherever possible throughout the city. One JESUS film team member is still missing.

Tragically, a few student leaders involved with the Campus Ministry died during the earthquake.

Global Aid Network Responding

Global Aid Network (GAiN), the humanitarian arm of Cru, previously sent a container of food and shoes to Haiti in case of a disaster, so they have supplies in place for distribution.

The 2 containers hold up to 43,000 lbs. of materials each -- the size of a tractor-trailer.

GAiN Germany is working to send 5 containers full of baby food, while GAiN USA will be sending 2-3 more containers of food and other supplies.

GAiN Worldwide is working together to raise money and deliver the supplies as fast as possible. Give to the relief work in Haiti.