Flannelgraph Used to Follow Up The Story of Jesus for Children

  • by Becky Hill

A look of amazement came over Neptali Chacha's face. Leader of The JESUS Film Project® in Ecuador, Neptali met with American Denny Johnson, founder of Kids Around The World. Neptali and fellow staff members had asked God for a resource to help them gather children after they had seen the film.

Denny offered the answer to their prayers.

Since 1994, Kids Around The World has been building playgrounds in many countries, in partnership with churches, and frequently using the Cru video The Story of Jesus for Children to tell kids about Jesus.

But the organization had seen the need to develop a teaching tool that would go beyond the video, allowing teachers to explain the stories further and children to ask questions. So they redeveloped the flannelgraph, a fabric board with moveable pictures.

The new flannelgraphs had colorful backgrounds and characters, required no electricity and could be easily transported around Ecuador -- from the Pacific coast to the Andes Mountains. The best part was that the characters looked identical to the ones in The Story of Jesus for Children, including the child narrators.

Neptali arranged for two Kids Around The World staff members to train JESUS film workers and other teachers to use the flannelgraph.

With Bible scenes illustrated on the boards, the teachers could ask the children questions about the stories, and allow them to ask questions in return. The flannelgraphs show up to 47 different Bible stories. Since the training, in each place they have used the flannelgraph, 80 percent of the children have indicated decisions to receive Christ.

"The results of the flannelgraph have been such a blessing," says Neptali. "In just a short time, thousands of children have received Jesus as their Lord and Savior."