The Mysterious Punctuation Marks Explained

How one church used a creative idea to get their city talking

  • by Jess Fong

Each of the quatro pontos, or 4 punctuation marks, ?!. depicts the emotions carried with each of the spiritual ideas they describe.

Ponto 1
is confusion, the deep question in every person's heart, such as "Why do I exist?" or "Who is God?"

Ponto 2
expresses the excitement of knowing God, and that He created each person with purpose and love, but sadness at mankind's separation from Him because of sin.

Ponto 3
represents a sense of completion: that Jesus Christ's life and resurrection allows for man to be forgiven from the sins that separate us from God.

Ponto 4
is the last mark, created on the bottom section of "? ! ." It asks the listener what his next step will be. Now that he knows how to surrender his life to Christ, the choice is his.

After hearing these 4 points in Nova Friburgo, Brazil, 1,000 people indicated decisions to pray and receive Christ.